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30 June – 6 July 2024 | Tynset, Norway

25 -31 August 2024 | Vågå, Norway

The major crises facing humanity are worrying you. You sense that the time for change in your life has come, and you want to take responsibility for yourself and your environment. But how can you shape your life according to this purpose? A Wilderness Retreat in Norway allows you to focus on this question. Immersing in unspoiled nature gives you a break from everyday life. Here, we create a space for your self-development and support you in aligning with your life purpose and finding your true place in the world.

Personal development in the face of crises

Realise your responsibility and find meaning in it

The various crises caused by humanity are becoming more tangible to us all. New global challenges feed fear and uncertainty, even in our most familiar surroundings and, if we are honest, in ourselves.

In more and more areas of life, the question is how to cope with these rapid and often threatening changes. What is it that matters to us in these times of upheaval? – For ourselves, for our families and friends, in our working lives, for human society and for the planet? How can we focus on what is vital and become a positive force for the future?

You are seeking answers that will give meaning to your life. You are looking for ways to take your share of responsibility – for you, your inner circle and the world beyond: It is the wilderness retreat where you can find those meaningful answers.

Journey of self-discovery: nomadic wilderness retreat

Journey of self-discovery:

Exploring the inner and outer wilderness

The retreat is designed as a journey of self-discovery: Your quest will take you into uncharted territory, your “inner wilderness”. This journey into the unknown within will be paralleled in the tangible world outside, for the wilderness camp is nomadic. This means that we will be roaming freely in the great outdoors of Norway, with no set route, agenda or goal in mind. Media, mobile phones and watches are left behind. We take only the essentials: Sleeping bag, tarp and simple food. We draw drinking water from streams and cook over a campfire.

Take a break from the daily grind- be present in the here and now

A time out from everyday life

Get present for your own development

The retreat in the wilderness of Norway gives you a break from everyday life. Away from it all, you can achieve what normally seems out of reach: to shed your protective layers of civilisation, open up and become present in the here and now. We will carefully guide you through this process.

We support your development through facilitated exercises. These will:

  • get you in touch with your own body,
  • release energy blockages,
  • expand your awareness,
  • bring your own life story into focus,
  • clarify your fears and goals and
  • show possible pathways into the future.

Body work, sensory and cognitive approaches such as dialogue and group sharing will all be used in a balanced way.

The practice of living in nature, guided exercises, and deliberate shifts into silence and reflection will bring you into contact with yourself, with nature and with the group. As you engage, you will come into resonance with the living world.

Self-efficacy – change and shape your life consciously

Achieve self-efficacy through self-awareness

The power to change in your life

In resonance with your environment, you can delve into what makes you human and how you relate to the world. It’s about realising who you really are and what you live for. We stand by you to explore your dreams and yearnings, as well as to face fear and pain.

We create a space where you can look at your life and work from different perspectives, reflect on your experiences and re-align your priorities.

The self-awareness you gain in the process will give you confidence and enhance your self-efficacy. Through our own experiences and our work as nature mentors, we know what energy this work can unleash. It is this source that empowers you to make a substantial change in your life and to shape it according to your purpose.

Personal growth in responsibility for the world


In responsibility for yourself and the world

The living world as a whole and you as a seemingly separate person are inextricably intertwined. The world offers you every opportunity and it also sets you limits. So the way you unfold as a person is set by the world around you. Conversely, of course, you can also choose your own world to a certain extent, and in any case you can influence it. In fact, it even calls upon you to do so, because it is the subject of needs that want to be met. In the retreat, therefore, we encourage you to explore this question as well: What do you see as your purpose, role and place in the world?

We will help you find ways to live up to your twin responsibilities – to yourself and to the world. The retreat is designed to help you see your life’s purpose more clearly and grow into your mission.

Redirecting your life in a meaningful way will also help you find satisfaction and fulfilment.

The program is inspired by Joanna Macy (Active Hope, The Work that Reconnects), John P. Milton (The Way of Nature), Bill Plotkin (The Journey of Soul Initiation), Hartmut Rosa (Resonance), Otto Scharmer (Theory U), and Jon Young (Connection First).

It is time for change.

Are you prepared?

"Thoralf and Manuel combine knowledge from leadership, nature, change management and body & mind topics. They create a trusting and open atmosphere without esoterics, with lots of humour and valuable guidance. Learned a lot, laughed a lot! Thank you for that!"

Anja Zerbin

“During our time together I realised how important it is to allow ourselves to connect and be human. How much we can learn from each other for our own lives... and unconsciously give to others... an enrichment at the right time...”

Alex Baumgärtel

"A great idea to induce spiritual motion by hiking. The camp gave me a lot of encouragement for where I want to go and for my path through rocky terrain. A truly inspiring exchange. Thank you for the perfection and the delicious food in the wilderness."

Ulrike Fokken

"Suddenly the first flame bursts from the mouldy wood. Soon warmth and the scent of pine fill the air. I realise that growth comes from decay, impulse from silence and movement from stillness - and that this is what the camp is about."

Daniel Hoeckendorff

"I wanted to experience myself outside my corporate and social role, far off my comfort zone and as part of nature. That's exactly what I've got - plus an expanded view of myself, my life and the changes that needed to be understood."

Anja Zerbin

"The facilitators Manuel and Thoralf have both an eye and a heart for this type of course, where the outer landscape becomes a mirror of the inner landscape and vice versa. A very healing format for these disorientating times!"

Daniel Hoeckendorff





Itinerary & location

The group will meet up for the 7-day wilderness retreats start and end at Tynset railway station (July) or Vågåmo bus stop (August), both in Norway.

In the afternoon of the arrival day, there will be a joint taxi transfer from the respective meeting point in Tynset/Vågåmo into the wilderness. There, we will set up the first camp.

The wilderness camp is nomadic, meaning we’ll move on to new camp sites several times.

The route is not fixed and depends on the situation, composition and dynamics of each group. We set up our camps each time, looking for new places to sleep, putting up tarps for shelter and rolling out insulating mats and sleeping bags. If necessary, we also put up mosquito nets. Our daily routine includes fetching water for drinking and cooking, collecting firewood, lighting and maintaining a campfire. Of course we also cook on the fire.

On the departure day, we’ll take down the last camp and erase our traces. Still in the morning, a taxi will take us back to the starting point in Tynset/Vågåmo.

The program starts and ends according to the train/bus schedules to/ from Tynset and Vågåmo.

The program may be subject to change.

Leadership team

Thoralf Rumswinkel (change wild!) and Manuel Sturm (Wilderness Vision) co-lead the camps.

Leitung: Thoralf Rumswinkel | change WILD! (Bild)

Thoralf Rumswinkel (DE, 1965), Tynset, Norway
Nature Mentor and Wilderness Guide
Detailed information: change WILD! – Head

Manuel Sturm (image)

Manuel Sturm (CH/AT, 1989), Vågå, Norway
Wilderness Mentor Scandinavia, Wilderness First Responder, Study of Social Entrepreneurship
Detailed information: Wilderness Vision – Team

For whom?

This offering is intended for adults.

Adolescents may attend under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Young people, too, can learn a great deal about how to live their future lives by experiencing a Wilderness Retreat. Whether a wilderness retreat is suitable for young people depends less on age than on personal maturity. This maturity is very individual. We will discuss with the young person beforehand whether they are ready for such a journey of self-development. Simply write a message in the contact form to get started.

No previous outdoor experience is required to be a participant. You do not need to be in good physical shape to do this either. What is important is your willingness to embark on this unusual journey.

Participants organize camp life collectively. Your active involvement is required.


You want to:

  • temporarily leave behind the ruts of everyday life
  • immerse yourself in wilderness living and learn practical wilderness skills
  • get closer to yourself (to your Self) and give (more) meaning to your life
  • take responsibility for yourself and for the living world around you.

What's included

  • Group with 4-12 participants
  • Facilitating/hosting team with Thoralf Rumswinkel (change wild!) and Manuel Sturm
    (Wilderness Vision)
  • Course program as described
  • Local taxi transfers on arrival and departure days
  • 6 nights outdoors, including weatherproof tarps
  • Full board with predominantly regional, ecological food
  • Group equipment for the wilderness camp

Dates & prices

SELF DEVELOPMENT – Nomadic Wilderness Retreat

30 June – 6 July 2024, Tynset (de-en)

25 – 31 august 2024, Vågå (de-en)

Fixed price 14 950 nok / 1 275 €


Pay what feels right * (price of your choice)

* Let’s trust that when we give, we’ll also receive. Therefore, we invite you to give what feels right to you. The amount – more or less than the fixed price – should reflect, within your financial means, what the course means to you and how you would like to support our work. Whatever you give, we accept as acknowledgment.


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