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Organizations today must develop in a highly complex environment. Indigenous cultural wisdom has always emerged from living in complex contexts of this kind, and it has succsessfully borne these cultures through time. Those practices can therefore provide important impulses for the further development of our organizational cultures.

Developing Organizational Cultures

It is time for new organizational cultures which are capable of shaping the world in an integrated sustainable manner. Which raise awareness of the interdependence of humanity and each individual on nature. Which act from a place of understanding this interdependence. Which bring to light the human potential hidden in our organizations. And which strengthen the connection of people with themselves and nature as well as with their communities and organizations.

The management and team training courses for organizational development are based on Deep Nature Connection Modeling according to Jon Young / 8 Shields Institute. They are inspired by the vision of Evolutionary Organizations according to Frederic Laloux. And they borrow approaches from Theory U according to Joseph Jaworsky, Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer.

Each training course is individually designed in close consultation with the clients according to their needs.