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Select Outdoor Trips and Travels • Nature Tours • Wilderness Expeditions

Experience the pristine nature of Norway with ease. Go deep and gain lasting impressions of a miraculous nature and human fellowship. Experience a lot of happiness and a bit of a thrill. This is what guided wilderness tours can offer. Choose from expeditions on foot, in a canoe or on skis. All the outdoor trips and travels include connective practices to deepen the experience and promote a connection with nature.

Nature Tours in Summer


Backpacking Nature Hike

A long distance backpacking hike in the varied landscape of inland Norway. Experience a unique wilderness trek, roam freely through pristine nature, enjoy sitting at campfires and staying overnight under the open starry sky. Immerse into the deep calm and powerful magic of unspoiled nature and connect deeply with nature.


Canoeing and Hiking Trip

A combined canoeing and hiking trip in Norway’s secret nature paradise, an expedition to crystal clear waters and serene mountains. Canoe camping is a true journey into the wild, a tour with tent, fishing rod and wilderness living at a campfire.


Wildland Trekking Adventure

Wildland trekking adventure in the vastness of Norway’s forests and highlands. What counts is being on the way, not reaching a destination. The open encounter with nature in a circle of men. Friluftsliv – living in the wild – how the Norwegians call it.

Winter Travels – Skiing Trips


Skiing Trip Norway’s Winterland

Ski touring trip in the solitude of Norway’s snow-covered forests and highlands. Enjoy guided skiing tours on traditional wooden skis during the days and the cosy atmosphere of an old farm house by night. Join unique winter holidays in the Nordic winterland.


Backcountry Skiing from Cabin to Cabin

This is a unique ski expedition in the highlands of Norway, a guided ski trekking from cabin to cabin. Go backcountry skiing on traditional wooden skis, explore a vast mountain tundra and immerse into the magic of subarctic landscape.


According to Your Ideas

Custom wilderness adventures in Norway and Sweden. You are longing to immerse into pristine nature in a very special way. Get on nature vacations and outdoor activities designed according to your ideas.