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About ‘change WILD!’

‘Future belongs to the nature smart.’ – Richard Louv

People are created for living closely connected to nature. change WILD! supports you in consciously establishing a connection with the natural sources of life. Because connection with nature allows your vitality, skills and creativity to grow, and to fully unfold your personality. And it enables you to meet the challenges of an increasingly unpredictable world in an actually nature smart way.


The human species has emerged from the web of life on planet Earth. It is therefore simply our nature to live in close connection with the natural world. Obviously, this connection is disrupted today, and we experience ourselves separated from other life on Earth, as individuals, as a society, and in a historic perspective as well. The destructive impact of our disconnection is likewise obvious, in our pauperized private lives, in a devastating economy, in a dysfunctional society and in the suffering biosphere of planet Earth.

Our outdated, entrenched patterns of being and behaving have led us to the edge of the abyss. But we are able to change and master the crises we have caused. change Wild! is here to help engage all the creativity, adaptability and leadership in us that we only can unfold for this purpose. It is here to help develop our full potential as human beings, so that we can liberate ourselves and take on the challenges that lie ahead. We owe this to ourselves, as well as to the world we come from and live in.

There is good news. The means to return to our wild strength are in our hands. Pioneers such as Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown Jr., Jon Young and others have collected, distilled and made available cultural wisdom and techniques from Native peoples on different continents. Jake Swamp of the Mohawk, Gilbert Walking Bull of the Lakota, Xamana of the San, the Akamba through Ingwe – they and many others have contributed to this cultural treasure. Native cultural wisdom, which they themselves have inherited from their ancestors since prehistoric times, and which they developed through time. I am deeply grateful to these people and nations for guarding this wisdom and having passed it on. I am grateful for the opportunity to use it. And even more, that I myself can pass on this wisdom through my work and through change WILD!


We are made to live in connection with nature. This is our birthright, but it is not granted. There are three factors which determine how strong we develop a connection with nature: diverse experiences of nature, attentive mentors and a motivating community. A human culture which is worth the name provides these requisites as a matter of course. Today it is up to you to make a conscious decision to embark on a journey to connection and personal development. change WILD! is here to provide a cultural space and support for your personal connective journey.

change WILD! combines all three factors that promote your connection with nature and help develop yourself:

  • All courses and tours take place in selected wilderness areas. We immerse into the wild all day and night. Nature cannot be experienced more closely. The mentoring programs are also based on regular encounters with nature.
  • As a course leader and mentor I accompany groups attentively and with a humanistic attitude. A protected space invites all group members to join in. Cultural routines and targeted interventions stimulate and support development processes in the groups as a whole and in the individual members.
  • In the community of a group you can fully be yourself. You decide how far you want to involve yourself and your topics or how far you want to respond to others. Either way, you will be listened to and inspired by the other members.

In this ideal setting, you can awaken the skills that lie dormant within you. You can try them out under real conditions and train them in a group or for yourself. You can build trust and connection to nature, to the community and to yourself. As if you are pulling threads from you to your surroundings and interweaving them into strings, cords and finally strong ropes. A strong net that bears you and in which you also play a bearing role.

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