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Wilderness Courses

You want to develop wilderness skills and a nature connected mindset. Or you are seeking to unfold your own nature, your true self.  The wilderness training camps and outdoor education programs are the unparalleled fits for your respective interests . In all the courses you will expose yourself to the wild as seekers have done since time immemorial. A supportive group and attentive guidance accompany your personal  learning journey.

Exposing oneself to the wilderness creates necessities – to engage with its conditions, to act in a certain way or to refrain from it. No matter what we do, it has direct consequences. The wilderness training camps are real-life and hands-on laboratories for experiential learning, for gaining wilderness skills and an expanded awareness of nature, framed by an experienced wilderness teacher.

Wilderness does not provide distractions and does not accept excuses. Wilderness is a mirror of our being, it responds directly to our actions and attitudes. The outdoor education programs use this relation productively. Develop yourself, grow your personal potential in a true encounter with wild nature, facilitated by an experienced wilderness mentor.


Resonance and Leadership for a World in Upheaval

Nothing will be as it was. What always seemed reliable will permanently remain unpredictable. We have created chaos on planet Earth. How can we now find backing and continue living? How can we take responsibility as the creators of the chaos? How can we meaningfully contribute our creative power to a world that is disintegrating precisely because of our actions?


Wilderness Retreats • Winter Challenge



The Wilderness Retreat is a trip into Norway’s pristine nature and a journey to yourself. A nature retreat without distraction: we live in the here and now and take time for self exploration. Nature can provoke questions, give new insights or even trigger real change. Find out for yourself what nature has to offer for your self discovery!


Adventure: Self Discovery

You are living at high speed, no rest. Being with yourself, being present is just a distant wish. Leave behind laptop and phone, immerse yourself in Nordic winter. Step into this silent space, step into the challenge of cold, and finally discover yourself.


Wilderness Quests • Winter Retreats


Developing Self-Leadership

Step back from your daily routines and clear your mind in the seclusion of the wilds. Let go what you have created and achieved, and get aware of what you actually feel drawn to. The wilderenss quest is an exceptional opportunity to clarify your personal mission and to develop your self-leadership.


Personal Leadership

Nordic winter. Tundra and forests are deeply covered with snow. Silence reigns. An ideal setting to come to contemplation. To pause and turn inward. To gain new insights by reflecting in silence. And to develop personal leadership and new momentum from these insights.