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…you feel the earth under your feet, wind and sun on your skin. You smell the scents of nature in your nose.
Eyes and ears wide awake, you get aware of the slightest movement and the faintest sound.

You act nimbly in tune with nature, familiar with everything around.
You feel fully alive, you feel at home.

change WILD! – Explore nature, discover yourself.

Explore Nature, Discover Yourself

Program Overview

Wilderness Courses • Outdoor Tours • Nature Mentoring


You want to develop wilderness skills and a nature connected mindset. Or you are seeking to unfold your true self. Wilderness courses are unparalleled fits for your respective interests. Expose yourself to the wild as seekers always have done. A supportive group and attentive guidance accompany your personal learning journey.

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Experience the pristine nature of Norway with ease. Go deep and gain lasting impressions of a miraculous nature and human fellowship. Choose from guided wilderness tours and expeditions on foot, in a canoe or on skis. All the tours include connective practices to deepen the experience and promote a connection with nature.

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Nature Mentoring

If you long for personal growth, nature mentoring can help you to achieve it. Nature mentoring can provide the cultural space and practices you need to promote your connection with nature and your personal growth. The online and distance mentoring programs are available for both individuals and groups.

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For me, connecting with nature is all about rediscovering old ways to get in touch with me, far off the externally determined life. I leave the loud and allow the quiet to reach me.

During the nature connection exercises I always had the feeling of merging with the environment. Sometimes it is enough to simply accept the beauty and enjoy it.

Having returned to the city, I relive the serenity, amazement and safety experienced. It feels good to share this experience with others. And it's good to have someone who helps you to go this way.

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