Outdoor Training Course

You want to experience real wilderness and connect closely with nature and the pulse of life. In the Wilderness Survival Camp, we train both the practical and mental skills you need to survive and live in the wild.

We set up our survival camp immersed into pristine wilderness. Nature challenges us from the very beginning: To survive in the wild, we have to build shelters and a fireplace; gather firewood, make fire; assess water and, if necessary, treat it; find food, catch and prepare fish; make utensils from natural materials etc. Every action is outdoor survival training in practice.

Living in the wild also requires further skills: navigation in the vast landscape, finding all the essentials of life, recognizing hazards, etc. For this we train our five (six, seven…) senses. Animal tracking, bird language and how to keep a low profile are further topics we train during the survival course. We expand our awareness onto the land, immerse ourselves in it. Here we unfold our true, truly human nature. Facilitated solo times support these processes.

The course lives from the fellowship of all participants. As much as the group depends on all members to actively participate, the group can enhance the learning process of each and every one. Open talking circles and facilitated sharings on the exercises provide the space for this.

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The 8-day wilderness survival course begins and ends at Tynset station, Norway.

On the day of arrival we meet in Tynset in the afternoon for a joint taxi transfer into the wild. There we set up the survival camp.

We have a full 6 days and 7 nights at our disposal for the outdoor training and wilderness living in the Survival Camp.

On the day of departure we break camp and cover our tracks. In the morning a taxi will take us back to Tynset.

Start and end of the course correspond with the trains to/from Tynset.

The program may be subject to changes.

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Course Profile

The survival course is aimed at adults, as well as youth accompanied by adults.

Both beginners as well as experienced outdoor enthusiast find training opportunities suitable their respective skill level.

The participants run the camp in fellowship. Your active participation is required.

You want to:

  • learn practical skills for wilderness living and survival
  • develop your mental faculties
  • connect with nature

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Included Services

  • Group with 4-14 participants
  • Lead by Thoralf Rumswinkel
  • Course program as described
  • Taxi transfers from/to train station
  • 7 overnight stays in your own tent or tarp
    (Tarp can be borrowed)
  • Food, a part of it from nature
  • Group equipment for the wilderness camp
  • First aid equipment

Additional Services

  • Rental tarp with mosquito net (300,- nok / 30,- €)



On agreement

Season: May to October


7 650,- nok / 745,- €

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