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2 – 8 July 2023 | Nord-Østerdalen, Norway

Nothing will be as it was. What always seemed reliable will lastingly remain unpredictable. We have created chaos on planet Earth. How can we now find backing and continue living? How can we take responsibility as the creators of the chaos? How can we meaningfully contribute our creative power to a world that is disintegrating precisely because of our actions?

We are currently experiencing a multitude of major crises. Perhaps these crises will challenge our survival – as individuals or as human species – just as they already do for many of our fellow creatures. However, survival no longer means heroically asserting ourselves in a hostile environment. This common notion is outdated. For the cause of most crises does not lie outside. We have become enemies to ourselves, and so to the world.

Meeting the challenges, therefore, firstly means breaking the habitual, unthinking patterns that have led us into this situation. Here, wilderness is medicine. We strip off the protective shields of our civilized lives to face the world “naked” as we are. To expose ourselves as we are to all what is. By leaving behind the unnecessary, we recognize what we really need, and what we are capable of anyway. Clearing our minds, coming to the core, becoming present in the here and now. The resulting stillness is the pivotal point where profound change can emerge.


Change Emerging from Stillness

In this stillness we can begin to reconcile and heal the fragments of our selves. It is about exploring our own humanity; finding our true self by observing outer nature and our inner being; meeting our soul and filling our ecological niche; answering the call of the universe, developing a vision and launching a mission; detaching from the Ego and becoming a driving force of the Eco; to finally act in resonance with the living world.

In the pursuit of resonance, we take the responsibility for our relationship with the world, which naturally falls to us. Self-healing, nature connection and leadership can no longer be separated from each other. These fields of development are necessarily intertwined and we are called to develop in all three areas.

The Human-Nature Explorer Camp is an invitation and a practice space to immerse into this process. The program builds on theses of Hartmut Rosa. It combines a leadership model according to Otto Scharmer, with methods of vision and soul quests according to John P. Milton and Bill Plotkin, and with practices of nature connection according to Jon Young, all under the focus of the coming, unknown challenges.


It is time for change.

Are you ready for it?

Verbundenheit und Leadership in Zeiten des Umbruchs (Bild)



The 7-day Explorer Camp starts and ends at Tynset train station, Norway.

On the day of arrival we meet in Tynset in the afternoon for a joint taxi transfer into the wild. There we set up our first camp.

We have a full 5 days and 6 nights at our disposal for the program. It is a nomadic camp, i.e. we move on to a new campsite every two days.

On the day of departure we break camp and cover our tracks. In the morning a taxi will take us back to Tynset.

Start and end times correspond with the trains to/from Tynset.

The program may be subject to changes.

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Program Profile

The offer suits for adults. Youth can participate if accompanied by adults.

Personality development is always long-term and processual. Repeat participation is therefore expressly encouraged.

The participants run the camp in fellowship. Your active participation is required.

You want to:

  • temporarily leave behind civilized life
  • dive deep into wilderness living and learn practical wilderness skills
  • get closer to yourself (your self) and discover your meaning in life
  • take responsibility for the human and more-than-human community

Read more about the profile of change WILD! here:

Included Services

  • Group with 4-12 participants
  • Lead by Thoralf Rumswinkel
  • Program as described
  • Taxi transfers from/to train station
  • 6 overnight stays under a tarp
  • Food, a part of it from nature
  • Group equipment for the wilderness camp
  • First aid equipment



2 – 8 July 2023 (de-en)


795 € / 8 150 nok
(fixed price)


Pay what feels right *

* Let us trust that when we give, we will also receive. I therefore invite you to give what feels right to you. The amount – more or less than the fixed price – should reflect, within your financial means, what the course means to you and how you would like to support my work. Whatever you give, I will accept in appreciation.

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