Wildlife Tour – Forest Camp

The combined wildlife tour, field trip and forest camp takes us deep into the core habitat of the Scandinavian brown bears. Immerse in the world of the bears and experience the big predators’ ways of life through animal tracking and imitation.

The course is an intensive naturalist field trip to the Orsa Finnmark region in central Sweden. The area is home to Scandinavia’s densest population of brown bears, and the natural centre for the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project. Researchers  of the project support us with their knowledge from many years of field research.

In the beginning we visit the project’s information centre ‘Björn och vildmark’, where we get an introduction to the behavioural biology and ecology of brown bears and do our first own studies.

Naturkunde Exkursion: Braunbären

Wildlife Tour, Naturalist Field Trip and Forest Camp Combined

The bears live in the forest along with wolves, wolverines, lynxes and many other animals. Living out here during the wildlife tour, we participate in the life of the forest and live on the pulse of nature like the animals.

One of the researchers will accompany us on the field trip into the forest and share more detailed information about the bears with us. In coordination with the researchers, we set up our naturalist forest camp near a bear den.

A bear has hibernated in this den, raised her cubs and only left the area shortly before our arrival. Therefore, an abundance of traces witnesses to the bears’ activity. Reviving it through various tracking techniques gives us direct insights into the lives of the brown bears.

We also use the presence of the powerful animals to sharpen our senses, train our perception and expand our awareness. This is how primitive peoples have done it over thousands of years. By imitating the animals and through our intuition we deepen our understanding further, so that we finally take on the ‘spirit of the bears’ and their wisdom.

Bears have traditionally been regarded as human-like because of their characteristics. Their strength and special power has always inspired respect and esteem, but also envy and fear in us humans. Many, not least Nordic native peoples had a strong spiritual relationship with the bears, which they worshipped like no other animal in rites and as power animals.

Fährtenlesen: in der Höhle eines Braunbären (Bild)



The 8-day wildlife tour begins and ends at Kvarnberg/Orsa (bus stop), central Sweden.
On the day of arrival we meet at Kvarnberg bus stop in the afternoon.
We spend the first two nights at the nearby Brown Bear Information Centre in cabins or, who likes it better, in tents/tarps. Here, we get an extensive tour of the exhibition, an in-depth lecture and do initial practical studies of the brown bears.
On the following day a transfer takes us into the woods. We set up the naturalist forest camp near a bear den. Here, we have a full 5 days at our disposition for the advanced course program.
For the last night together we return to Kvarnberg.
The course ends on the day of departure after breakfast at the information centre.
Start and end of the course correspond with the intercity buses from/to Orsa.
The program may be subject to changes.

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Course Profile

The naturalist forest camp is designed for adults, as well as for youth accompanied by adults.

It aims at a deeper understanding of the natural web of life and at participating in them. Openness and interest in the new and unfamiliar are required, previous knowledge is not necessary.

The participants run the camp in fellowship. Your active participation is required.

You want to:

  • learn everything about brown bears first hand
  • gain a deeper understanding of the natural web of life
  • develop your mental faculties
  • connect with nature

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Included Services

  • Group with 4-12 participants
  • Lead by Thoralf Rumswinkel
  • Course program as described
  • Contributions by researchers of the Scandinavia Brown Bear Project
  • 3 overnight stays in cabins
  • 4 overnight stays in your own tent or tarp
    (Tarp can be borrowed)
  • Part of the food, (fresh and regional food; you bring your own durable food)
  • Group equipment for the forest camp
  • First aid equipment

Additional Services

  • Rental tarp with mosquito net (300,- nok / 30,- €)



On agreement

Season: June


8 750,- nok / 845,- €

Braunbären: Trittsiegel und Kratzspuren (Bild)