Status: 24 nov 2021

With a valid EU-Corona certificate (fully vaccinated or recovered) you can enter Norway again without any problems. The uncertainties of the past two years are therefore largely eliminated and I can again offer a fixed program. I am looking forward to your participation!

Without a valid certificate you can enter Norway, if your country of origin and the countries of possible stopovers are classified as ‘green’ or ‘orange’ at the time of your border crossing into Norway. Otherwise an entry quarantine of up to 10 days is required.

These regulations are expected to apply for the entire winter of 2021-2022.

Mentoring Programs

The mentoring programs are definitely corona resistant and open as always.

Wilderness Courses and Tours

All wilderness courses and tours match the distance and hygiene rules that continue to be required. Of course we keep preventive measures against the spread of the disease. This way we can conduct the courses and tours safely.

To better meet the current circumstances, I’ve eased my terms and conditions. See details:

Corona and Travelling to Norway

Norway continuously adapts its entry regulations to the respective international situations.

You find updated information about entry regulations and ‘green-listed’ countries on: