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Events for Complete Groups

On prior arrangement, you can book dates for complete groups here. You will immediately receive a copy of your booking to the e-mail address you have provided. In another e-mail I will confirm the booking and send you all further information.

You book a group event as soon as you have gathered the agreed minimum number of participants for your event. If further participants join later, or if someone steps back from joining, you can book or cancel their places in an addendum using this form. For changes less than four weeks before the start of the event please take contact before booking.

Group Booking

    Responsible Contact *


    Program *


    Program Date *


    Initial Booking or Addendum *

    Initial bookingAddendum to existing booking


    Participants *

    Please list all participants incl. possible facilitators, attendants etc.
    You can also use unique acronyms in case participants want to stay anonymous.

    Winter programs only - to select skiing equipment that fits:
    Please supply body height (cm), body weight (kg) and shoe size (eu/uk).
    '1. First-name Family-name, body height, body weight, shoe size / 2. First-name Family-name, body height, body weight, shoe size / etc.'


    Special Concerns



    Please use names or acronyms according to the original booking.


    Further Remarks


    Terms and Conditions *

    As responsible contact I hereby book the quoted event for all listed participants. I understand that this booking is binding. I accept the terms and conditions. I confirm to have informed all participants about the terms' general section, and to have obtained the consent from each of them.



    * Please fill out all the marked fields. I will keep the data strictly confidential. I’ll only use it in the context of your booking, or to take contact with you.  Detailed information in the Privacy Statement.

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